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Vendors Application Form

If you produce in a commercial kitchen, please email supporting documentation to after submitting your application.
  1. All vendors who produce food and/or agricultural products or manufacture non-agricultural goods and have obtained the necessary permits and licenses are eligible to sell at Red Tent Markets.
  2. Vendors wanting to reserve regular space for the Red Tent Markets season shall so indicate on the Application form. The seller forfeits his/her reserved space if (3) three markets are missed without notifying the market representative, although the vendor may sell in an unreserved space at the higher fee.
  3. Designation and allocation of selling spaces are the responsibility and at the discretion of the Market Manager.
  4. Vendors sell only items that the Red Tent Markets board has approved for sale. The board has the discretion to add or delete items from the list and has the duty to provide notice to vendors.
  5. All vendors must abide by the health code and restrictions of the city where the market is held.
  6. Non-potentially hazardous, pre-package or whole produce or products are permitted for sale.
  7. All items intended for human consumption must be kept off the ground above six (6) inches at all times and be in safe and sound condition. The vendor/seller is solely responsible for damages resulting from the sale of unsafe, unapproved or unsound goods.
  8. Vendors must arrive early, set up booth and ready to greet their customers 30 minutes prior to the opening of the market.
  9. Once the market has begun, no moving vehicles are allowed within the Red Tent Markets area as a safety precaution.
  10. Vendors supply all materials and containers for the customer sales.
  11. Vendors determine the pricing and display of their products.
  12. Vendors must clean their areas at the end of each market day. Vendors may not use public trash receptacles for disposal of produce boxes or unsold produce.
  13. A standard vendor space is 10 foot x 10 foot.
  14. If vendor is using a tent, it must be securely anchored to prevent it from becoming loose due to wind and/or inclement weather. If your tent is not securely anchored, you will be asked to take down your tent and leave the premises.
  15. If a vendor is using a tent, it must be clean. If your tent is dirty, you will be asked to take it down and leave the market for the day.
  16. No Firearms or drugs will be allowed at the Red Tent Markets.
  17. No trucks can be driven within the market site at any time.
  18. Perimeter parking spaces will be reserved for vendors to load and unload. Red Tent Markets will coordinate specific load-in and load-out windows with vendors to make vendor setup and breakdown as convenient and efficient as possible.
  19. Vendors must be courteous and polite to the public and conduct themselves respectfully and professionally. Vendors will not use offensive language or gestures, and should be dressed in appropriate clothing.
  20. Vendors will not play music without obtaining written permission from Red Tent Markets.
  21. Red Tent Markets or RTM agent shall reserve the right to cancel any seller’s participation at any time if and when the seller shall be found to be in violation of any market rule or eligibility requirement.
  22. Red Tent Markets reserves the right to revise the Vendor Rules and Guidelines at any time.
  23. Violation of any provision of the Vendor Rules and Guidelines shall be a material breach and default by the vendor. The vendor will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. Failure to vacate may subject the seller to civil and/or criminal remedies.
Legal Terms & Conditions "Red Tent Market vendors agree by submitting this application to accept the following hold harmless clause: All authorized vendors participating in Red Tent Markets (RTM) agree that they are independent operators and not partners or joint ventures with Red Tent Markets and shall be individually and severally liable for any loss, personal injury, deaths, and/or any other damages that may occur as a result of the vendor’s negligence or that of its employees, agents or associates. All vendors agree to indemnify and save Red Tent Markets harmless from any loss, costs, damages and other expenses including attorney’s fees, suffered or incurred by RTM by reason of the vendor’s negligence or intentional misconduct or that of its employees, agents, and associates; provided that, the vendor shall not be liable for nor required to indemnify Red Tent Markets for the negligence of RTM's servants, agents, employees or associates. It is recommended that each vendor carry his or her own personal and product liability insurance. By submitting this form, applicants acknowledge that they have received and read the Red Tent Markets Rules and Regulations, and agree to abide by the policies and procedures described therein, including all decisions of the RTM and RTM Committee. Applicants specifically agree that a RTM representative is permitted to visit their farm or production facility and inspect to determine compliance with such rules and regulations. Applicants also acknowledge that the discretion of the RTM Committee and /or Market Manager applies to acceptance to the RTM and booth assignments. This agreement is a revocable license, and any misconduct or violation of this agreement may result in suspension or termination from RTM at the discretion of the RTM Committee and or Market Manager. Acceptance to RTM also means a commitment to the market vendors on the part of Red Tent Markets. RTM will strive to promote the success the market and market vendors to ensure a quality experience for the vendors, and to provide general support for all market vendors."
By submitting this application you are verifying you read, understand and will adhere to the Vendor Rules and Terms & Conditions.